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Shops and restaurants

Retailing on Central Market Street 2015

Market Street Place: If they build it, tenants will come?

• And they will be fancier, classier and richer than the tenants who wouldn't come!

• Market Street Place will be at 935 to 965 Market St. The newly named "Place" will be five stories of retail. Demolition crews cleared the site and are activelyconstructing foundations to prepare what will become a 250,000-square-foot retail center scheduled to open in 2016.


• Previous plans were for off-price stores.


• Target, the hoped-for first tenant, was lured away by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency to their Yerba Buena project. Ross, another prospect, remodeled their space on Market and Fourth. Marshall's moved to the Union Square district, across from Emporio Armani. Most recently, the project had been seeking Nordstrom Rack, who preferred space fast at 901 Market.

• The proposed site of the former CityPlace was bought out of bankruptcy by Cyprus Equities, a Texas company which "makes opportunistic investments in … retail space." 

• They got an idea that The City needs shiny new fashion stores in a fashionable building. So they are recreating the concept to fit new tenants with new ideas. Sounds like a San Francisco plan!

• It means that they have begun construction without a signed lease. Kind of like the several office buildings around Transbay which, which turned out to be fully leased before completion of construction. Tenants could include clothing, food, furniture, entertainment, and tech. There will be 200 parking spaces.


• Construction would take 24 months to be ready for tenants to design and build their Fields of Dreams.

Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth crack the Fifth St barrier to Central Market St

• For decades, an invisible wall has blocked off Market St at Fifth for people heading up the street. At last, there are signs of change!

• Nordstrom Rack opened a new store in the impressive building at the corner of Market and Fifth on March 7, 2014.


Saks Fifth Avenue opened OFF Fifth in the same building at the end of June, 2015.


• 901 Market had been bought out of bankruptcy by Hudson Pacific Properties, a substantial investor which owns a well maintained office building at Market and Eleventh, among other buildings in The City and beyond.


• Hale's Department Store, a value oriented chain, constructed the building in 1912. Hale's had moved from 989 Market, now the Blick building (more info HERE).


901 has 212,000 square feet of office space and 90,000 square feet of retail and sold for $90 million.



901 has 212,000 square feet of office space and 90,000 square feet of retail and sold for $90 million.

Activity creeps west from Saks Off Fifth

• Amazon Web Services
Pop up Loft


• 925 Market St



CVS signs appear at the intersection of Market and Sixth Streets

• Happening in a partly renovated building, 995 Market Street, a block away from another CVS at The corner of Seventh Street.


• More infomation on this site HERE

New Coffee and Tea shops - now open between Sixth and Seventh Streets

Equator Coffees and Teas




986 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Mon – Fri: 6.30am – 7pm
Sat: 8am – 6pm
Sun: 10am – 4pm
Open later on show nights
More infomation about the site HERE
Chai Bar

1017 Market Street

San Francisco, CA 94117

A new concept --- a pop-up Food Court ---- is between Sixth and Seventh Streets

A few pedestrians walk the mostly carless and shopperless Street

• The Hollywood Billards property owned by Scott Plant has been renovated to contain a food court: The Hall. It has indoor tables and outdoor benches for diners plus open kitchens.


• More infomation on this site is HERE


Long time thriver Big ideas start small

Sheik Shoes is a flourishing sports shoe store, between Fifth and Sixth Streets. Excavation work is underway at Market Place to the right. 3 Potato 4 has been replaced by Falafel Forever at 1051 Market.
A new barber shop is open between Fifth and  Sixth Streets

•  On the south side of Market St at 973. Also has a branch at 696 Valencia Street. And New York and Detroit. Haircuts are $45.


• The head barber, Mike Sposito, says “There are just too many beards now. I’m still never clean shaven, but now I just have facial hair which I buzz once a week.”

Huckleberry Bicycles has more than doubled in size

Located near their Repair Kiosk at the corner of Seventh Street!

David Addington expands Show Dogs Restaurant and a new place, Home Skillet, opens

•  David Addington, one of Central Market Street's most optimistic investors, has expanded Show Dogs Restaurant.

•  Show Dogs, "an emporium of sausages and other fine foods," at Market and Taylor Street, continues in Addington's enthusiastic hands (website HERE). The restaurant, 1020 Market St, at Taylor and Sixth Streets, is a joint venture with Foreign Cinema Restaurant. Expansion takes the form of a new coffee shop and deli counter next door.

•  At 1001 Market Street, the opposite corner of Sixth, a 1,800 square foot former branch of Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers has been replaced by Home Skillet, a new cafe from the owners of Little Griddle. John Chow opened Little Griddle in 2011 off the corner of 10th and Market. At the new location, the emphasis is on breakfast and lunch.



At right, The Golden Gate Theater is across the street.


The problem of the year: Blank and boarded store windows

Varying prospects for shops on Central Market St.

•  Blick Art Materials at 989, the largest new store on Central Market Street, opened in 2010.


•  The history of the pre-quake and fire building is HERE.


•  But next to Blick, Oxford Street Men’s Store is severely suffering fewer sales due to the car ban in Central Market.  They have renovated their facade and sign.


•  The building to the right, 995 Market, is the current home of Burning Man.


•  To see the wise, but ignored suggestion to appropriately landmark this building, go to HERE.

The Merrill's Drug Store building has a new mural

• The Merrill's store at 1091 Market St has been sold according to City officials, but the details have not been revealed.


• The drug store closed in 2003.


• The mural appeared in 2015.



More info HERE



Porno on Central Market Street is down to two - one of which is in doubt

•   In March 2012, the state of Porno on Central Market took a turn with the purchase of the Renoir Hotel at Seventh St by The Kor Group. Fuel, a burlesque bar, was booted from the Hotel.

•  In the past two years, the two porno stores on the street have closed. But two theaters remain.

•  There have been hopes for a plan to convert the porno Market St Cinema (near Seventh St) into a legit multi-theater complex. More on theaters HERE. There had been reports that a Contract for Sale is being prepared for the Market Street Cinema. The Marque with views of women has been covered by views of Central Market thru the efforts of Central Market Community Benefit District. HERE

•  City officials guaranteed the Chronicle that porno is not in the yet-to-be revealed plans.

• Porno remains at the Crazy Horse, the former Cameo, with 300 seats (next to The Warfield Theater, near Sixth St).

More food ventures join Twitter (where they eat in) at 1355 Market Street

• Small Foods of 522 Second Street has rented 22,000 sq ft for a large open space containing an organic grocery and a cafe.


• AQ Restaurant, now at at Mission and Seventh St - and expanding - will also have a branch in the building for a bar and light meals.


• Market at Market offers food boths and stands.


• Never mind. The Twitter employees get all they want to eat, whenever, upstairs.


• But they might drink.


• At Polk St, across Market St, a new Belgium brewery made a very quiet opening 2 years ago as a very sober looking venue.



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