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HEAL now exists as a powerful spiritual force only - an historical, cosmic whisper of life-saving proportions. We will forever remain undaunted by the mountain of irrational, emotionally-charged vested interests that continue to destroy people's lives, liberty and their pursuit of happiness.


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It is possible to live a productive and satisfying life in spite of a deadly diagnosis!

The HEAL website shows you where to start.

All of the AIDS-related diseases, that is - all of the indicator diseases used to diagnosis AIDS have existed and continue to occur independent of so called HIV-infection. Most of these diseases have long been associated with severe malnutrition and pathological social stresses,conditions that have existed and promoted the break down of health since the beginning of time.

At HEAL, we advocate expecting health and if you develop a health problem and that you cooly deal with it outside of the context of AIDS.


After all, the site is called HEAL.

We are specialists in helping people make informed decisions and this site is a gateway for everything you need to educate yourself.

One thing that strikes is how different AIDS in Africa is to the United States. A different strain, they say. What does that mean? We'll discuss that.

But most of this website is about you.

About healing you.

We introduce ourselves below. Join us and you'll also get to know the scientists at the cutting edge and how to use their knowledge in your own life.

When we're sick, we tend to think everything about our body is in pain and hopeless. We'll show you how to treat a symptom without harming your body. We now know, for example, how the medical misuse of antibiotics has harmed public health. HEAL made this call more than a decade ago.

We've also seen how a disease diagnosis can terrorize a person who felt in good health except for a single symptom. Disease has come to mean death. We'll show you how to question that.

We're glad you found our site.

You'll be glad too


What we learned at


HEAL was founded in 1982 and our sole purpose at that time was to provide information and support for alternative and holistic approaches to "AIDS" and related conditions.

As a result of our years of direct experience however, we have also come to discover that so far as "AIDS" goes, we have been subject to the most heinous and genocidal fraud in medical history. And that to escape it, one must view not only "AIDS", but all health and healthcare within an entirely different, life-affirming and self-empowering perspective. Making this life-saving information available has since become our primary goal, and this website is one result of our efforts.

"AIDS" is not a death sentence. Due to the 1993 definition, a distinction must be made between the 50% of "AIDS" cases where people are actually sick, and the 50% who are not. (Just being HIV+ and having low T-cells is not necessarily a sign of illness, let alone serious illness, although many of these people are eventually made sick by the toxic treatments they are given unnecessarily.) Imagine the greater number of recoveries if, instead of being scared to death, people were encouraged to both expect their natural birth right - health - and to utilize safe, effective, holistic treatments as a means to it.

Testing positive to "HIV" antibodies is even more misleading because all positive tests are likely to be false positives. The June 1993 issue of the prestigious journal Bio/Technology published a review declaring the test to be scientifically invalid. Additionally, seropositive people do not necessarily develop "AIDS" and seronegative people may nonetheless develop "AIDS".

"AIDS" is a multifactorial problem; it is defined by the Centers for Disease Control as 28 old diseases in the presence of "antibodies to HIV". The truth is that histories of medical and "recreational" drug abuse, chronic infections, chronically poor nutrition, environmental poisoning and intense, chronic stress are each sufficient in and of themselves to cause "immune deficiencies" and serious, life-threatening conditions. These "risk factors" are the real factors to address and, when honestly assessed and addressed, can lead to recoveries.

At worst, an HIV positive test result is a wake-up call, not a death sentence. If there actually is a true "positive" test result, it may indicate a high degree of "antigenic stress", i.e., an individual may have a considerable amount of foreign proteins and substances in their system.

The information on this website can assist you in taking steps toward creating for yourself some sort of physical/ emotional/ psychospiritual detoxification which, in addition to rebuilding your health, can help to considerably reduce the toxin load, thereby undermining the likelihood of any future health complications.

If you are not in this category, the information here can still assist you in simply maintaining your health, and restoring it if ever you have any of the more "common" health challenges to deal with. Keep in mind that most of today's serious illnesses can be prevented simply by addressing minor illnesses with non-toxic and natural approaches in the first place.

Along with the modern "plagues" of pollution, love deprivation, malnutrition and a lack of sanitation, the chronic use of modern medicine may well be a major chemical cause of many of the degenerative conditions associated with the 20th century.

If you already have "AIDS", that is, if you have the physical clinical symptoms associated with what they call "AIDS", here too there are numerous approaches to detoxification, many listed and discussed here, that can help you turn your situation around. It takes time and energy to do it, but many have come to HEAL meetings with "AIDS" related symptoms and have completely reversed their condition and regained their health, evidenced not only by subjective feelings but by clinical and laboratory results.

They have done this largely through an alternative and holistic approach which precludes the use of toxic, immunosuppressive drugs, but which includes physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual efforts. The best therapies in the world are meaningless if not applied within the over-all context of eliminating toxicities and deficiencies from the way we satisfy our basic human needs for love, sexual love, nourishing foodstuffs, full-bodied rest, shelter, and a sense of accomplishment. And fulfillment of these needs falls right in the realm of our own self-responsibility.

The "treatment" information which is provided here is meant to be an overview: to give you an idea of ways to bolster the "immune system", to help inhibit pathogenic activity in the body, and to enhance your overall health and well-being with methods that are non-toxic and have few or no side effects. While HEAL does not officially endorse or promote anything, we feel that if you take your time, study the available information and listen to your own intuition, you will be able to make the right choices and pursue the right course.

Some of the alternative and holistic approaches we have investigated include acupuncture, Chinese and western herbology, nutritional therapy and supplementation, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Natural Hygiene, low-frequency magnetic energy, macrobiotics, water therapies, meditation and visualization, uropathy, body work, the typhoid vaccine protocol, AL 721, oxygen therapies, chelation therapy, "Homeopathic Immuno-Therapy" (HIT), syphilis link, etc.

In choosing healthcare practitioners, we urge you to use great caution. If someone assumes, explicitly or implicitly, that you have an unsolvable and "always fatal" problem, they will not help you. Treat all practitioners as your advisors, not as authorities who will supply you with "the answer". Most doctors are much too busy and have much too much invested in their medical belief systems to be learning about the many alternative and effective things that people are doing for themselves. Utilize their expertise, but do not count on them to heal you. You must learn to count on yourself!

Your greatest help will come from personal responsibility and self-empowerment.

Educate yourself, educate yourself, educate yourself. This, coupled with an approach to life which actively recognizes that health and healing are an expression of working with nature rather than against it, will enable you to access the practical tools, both within you and without you, that are essential to restoring and/or maintaining a productive and meaningful life, health and happiness.

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HEAL is a non-profit, community based educational organization providing information, hope, and support to people HIV+ or living with AIDS. The men and women at HEAL are health professionals, people living with life threatening diseases, and concerned volunteers.
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