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A view from

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Two letters from the President Of HEAL

I know how it feels to be aware that there are simple, affordable and effective ways to save lives and not be able to get the word out. There is nothing worse than that helpless feeling that I get when I think about the tens of millions of people who could be helped and who are instead being poisoned, starved and/or socially prompted to get sick and die. It does get overwhelming.

For the last 30 plus years, we have funded HEAL out of our own pockets and the generosity of a small group of people. We are no longer able to fund HEAL ourselves and the generous few who have helped us in the past, are having financial problems of their own and are no longer able to help.


In 2005, the dissident movement continues to grow and the killing machine continues to kill!

The following article might provide some insight for new rethinkers.

Michael Ellner,


347-867-4497 and Email

REFLECTIONS... A Long Time Coming

© 2000, Michael Ellner

The clock ticks into 2001, I find myself thinking that 2001 will be the year
the murderous AIDS fraud ends!

I am also vividly reminded of how many times I felt this way before since I joined HEAL (NYC) in 1982.

Each time, to my horror, the AIDS machine just kept rolling along as if
nothing had happened.

For example, between 1982 and 1987, very few people questioned the AIDS story; you could count them on your hands: Bill Holub, Ph.D., Frank Buianouckas, Ph.D., John Lauritsen, Joe Sonabend, MD, Michael Callen, PWA, and Casper Schmidt, MD, come to mind. You may be surprised to learn that there were some dissidents even before the introduction of HIV and AZT. Between 1982 and 1985, HEAL’s main focus was challenging AIDS treatments and the death sentence that came with every AIDS diagnosis. Between 1985 and 1987, HEAL also challenged the death sentence that came with an “HIV” positive result.

I can still remember how naturally high I felt at the beginning of 1988. With the publication of the Duesberg paper (1987), I felt that it was reasonable to expect a serious reevaluation of the HIV=AIDS=Death model, but as you know, the AIDS machine rolled on.

I got the buzz again in 1992: When Robert Laarhoven and associates organized the first International Dissident AIDS conference in Amsterdam, we all felt something had to give....but as you know, the AIDS machine kept rolling along.

1993 was a very good year for the “dissident movement” and I was certain that the murderous HIV/AIDS fraud would finally crash and burn. The Perth Group had profoundly discredited HIV testing with the publication of their review in Bio/Technology; The Concorde Study discredited AZT, Project AIDS International and Michael Baumgartner put a resolution calling for a reevaluation of HIV/AIDS in the hands of the UN Commission of Human Rights and Neville Hodgkinson reported that there were many scientists out there who were questioning HIV and warned of a conspiracy of silence, in the Sunday Times of London. I truly believed that this time, the challenge had gained the momentum necessary to turn this thing around. And as you know, the AIDS machine kept on rolling along.

In 1996, in a front page article, the Wall Street Journal revealed that the US Centers for Disease Control intentionally misled the public about the size and scope of AIDS to generate research funding and modify sexual behavior, and the St. Mary's study discredited early treatment. As the clock ticked into 1997, I was thinking that 1997 would be the year! As you know ....

Things are really different now! And I really want to believe that a highly respected and trusted world leader like President Thabo Mbeki, armed by his Advisory panel, will have the scientific justification necessary to challenge the claim that HIV is causing AIDS in Africa (or any where else, and that will put an end this murderous fraud once and for all).

I can also appreciate the relatively recent explosion of people and organizations now questioning HIV/AIDS since Duesberg's first paper breathed life into questioning HIV/AIDS. I Know where we have been, and I think that I have a
good sense of where we are. I truly believe that hope is realistic.

In addition to a growing network of independent HEAL chapters and affiliates across America, Canada, Europe and Africa, many other organizations are now challenging the AIDS establishment, like: The Academy of Nutrition Improvement (Nagpur, India), ACT UP (San Francisco and Toronto), AIDSREALITYCHECK.org, Aktion positiv Schweiz, Zurich-Lochergut, AIDSMYTH.com (Ireland), Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society (Canada), Alive and Well AIDS Alternatives (Los Angeles), Alive and Well (Eugene, Oregon), AMC (Asociacion de Medicinas Complementarias), Madrid, AMG (Association Mark Griffiths), La Serpent, AVS (associacion de Vencedores del SIDA ), Barcelona, Continuum Magazine (London), Credence Publications (UK), El Peque o Periodico (Columbia), The Forum for Debating AIDS South Africa (FDASA- South Africa), Fundacion Arte y Ciencia (Columbia), The Group for Re-thinking the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis (San Diego), International Coalition to End AIDS Censorship (ICEAC-NYC), International Forum for Accessible Science (IFAS-Switzerland), Joint Action Council Kannur (JACK-India), Journalists for a Free Media (NYC), Mothers Opposing Mandatory Medicine (MOMM-LA), MuM (Science, Medicine and Human Rights), Stuttgard, The Mythbusters (NYC), New York Rethinking AIDS Society (NYRAS), PLURAL-21 (Association for the care of life in a living planet) Barcelona, Regimed (Research Group in Investigative Medicine and Journalism), Stuttgart, The Sheppard Foundation (NYC), Students Against the HIV Causes AIDS Hypothesis (SATHIVCAH-NY).

So, as the clock ticks us into 2001, I am reminded of some of the key people I got to network and work with during the evolution of the challenge to HIV/AIDS. Sandi A. A., Max Allen, Anita Allen, Keidi Obi Awadu, Michael Baumgartner, Peter Blum, Lluis Botinas, Anthony Brink, Tony Brown , Frank Buianouckas, PhD, Michael Bellefountaine, Huw Christie, Fred Cline, Mark G. Conlan, Andrew Cort, DC, Curtis Cost, David Crowe, Tom DiFerdinando, HBCS, James DeMeo, PhD, Peter Duesberg, Ph.D., Fintan Dunne, Nigel Edwards, Dr. Eleni Eleopulos, Michael Verny-Elliott, Bryan Ellsion, Celia Farber, Fabio Franchi, MD, Prof. Steve Fried, Lynn Gannett, Cliff "Khali" Goodman, Steve Goodman, Volker Gildemeister, Bob Guccione, Jr., Sky Gilbert , Roberto Giraldo, MD, Frank Green, Prof. Alfred Hassig, Neville Hodgkinson, Robert Johnston, Colman Jones, Tony K., Michele Kragalott, Rod Knoll, John Lauritsen, Ricardo Leschot, MD, Ed Lieb, Kathy McMahon, Christine Maggiore, Felicity Mason, Esai Morales, Gary Null, Peggy O’Mara, Charles Ortleb, Quique Palladino, David Pasquarelli, Tim Pettifer, Paul Philpott, Ron Piazza, Jon Rappoport , Steve Ransom, David Rasnick, PhD, Alex Russell, Peter Schmidt, Kawi Schneider, Russell Schoch, Jeremy Selvey, Joan Shenton, Valere Sheppard, Carl Stygg, Djamel Tahi, Val Turner, Rev. Dr. Phillip Valentine, MD, Martin J Walker, Clair Walton, Bud Weiss, John Michael Williams, Robert E. Willner, MD, PhD, ND, Ian Young and many others who chose to help behind the scenes. I will always value their creativity,
courage and commitment to this cause.

And yet, with all of this going for us, I can’t help but notice that even with the pending release of President Mbeki’s Advisory Panel’s findings and the explosion of people and organizations now questioning HIV/AIDS, the AIDS machine itself is speeding up rather than winding down!

Michael Ellner
President, HEAL