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People and cars on Market Street

The Car ban on Market St was analyzed by the stores which it put out of business

•  Central Market St stores between Fifth and Eighth Streets responded to a one question survey conducted by ObserveSF.com about the effect on their business of the ban on cars on Central Market Street.


Date of survey: Third week of September, 2011

Number of stores which made a response in person or by email:   26

What happened in three years

•  Since the survey, most of the stores which responded to the survey and most of those which didn't respond went out of business. See the result HERE.

Why cars?

•  Cars bring the workers, shoppers, theatergoers and Nightlifers who are necessary to balance the "people of leisure" who currently make up the most noticeable walkers and sitters on Central Market Street. Market Street People are counted HERE.


• A true 24 hour neighborhood is necessary for a variety of sidewalk walkers in a large enough number to balance the "gentlemen of leisure." Read about how this works HERE.


• The ironic thing about successful sidewalks is that they need cars to succeed. Decades ago, the mania for converting main streets into landscaped malls was the worst thing that ever happened to cities.

Forcing cars to turn off Market St. causes more accidents for people, bikes and cars

•  Police Department data for 2011, the second year of the ban on cars on Market Street, documents that the portion of the street in the Central Market area is now the site of the four of ten most dangerous intersections in the city. The corners where cars are forced to make a right turn off the street make Central Market the most concentrated collection of accident locations in the entire city. It is striking in that this section of Market St is now the least traveled by cars.

Accidents involving a car hitting either bicyclists or pedestrians
Fifth and Market: 9 Eighth and Market: 8 Fourth and Market: 6 Sixth and Market: 5

Source: Police Department data compiled by San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/transportation/2012/08/dangerous-intersections-continue-plague-san-francisco#ixzz26ITdBc00 (The article does not mention the car ban.)

Market Street and Tenth Street, February 22, 2010

Source: SF Examiner, August 30, 2012

The planned Market Street rebuild: first it hurts, then...

•   Most important to Central Market’s future is the planned rebuilding of the Street which now has a new proposed starting date of 2016. What was first proposed as a repaving is growing into a $20 million redesign process taking six years. Construction is allocated two more years of torn up streets and sidewalks to stress stores and businesses in the area.

An ObserveSF suggested plan is HERE.

The official planning site is HERE.

Contact us: observesf.com, E-mail: observesf@me.com, Anthony King, editor
Who walks on Central Market Street  HERE